SBEPL is an independent technical services company and has expert knowledge and experience to providing inspection services.

We are a recognized provider of customized services to various industries, including power generation, chemical and petrochemical, oil & gas and other high risk industries.

Through an independent and objective attitude we strive for customer satisfaction by providing services that not only meet but exceed expectations. With our expertise, we are more than capable to support our customers throughout the project cycle.

Our professional staff and representatives maintain a quality standard and they operate with total integrity at all times. They are supported by qualified senior management, online technical library and modern equipment. They are serviced by a sophisticated communications network and streamlined management systems. We ensure that all clients benefit from the professional and prompt completion of each assignment.

SBEPL services are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 17020:2012 certified. We are a sustaining member of American Welding Society, Organizational member of American Society of Testing Material and a corporate partner of American Society of Non-destructive Testing.

Except for our skills SBEPL takes high value of a personal relationship with the customer. By adding a personal touch in our communication and services we want to make the difference in providing the customer’s needs. The core business philosophy of SBEPL is to provide an independent, fast and reliable service with a direct people to people approach as befits a modern inspection company.

If you are looking for the ultimate alternative inspection partner, please feel free to contact us for more information, to provide you with a quote of any of the aspects of our business that you may require.

Company Vision

To be the trend maker company in quality management and training services.

Company Mission

Our mission is to take hold of all business ethics and grow with them, so our customer are able to take full advantage of all our promises and practices.

To accomplish our mission we are committed:

To company objectives;

To perform when the pressure is on;

To be available for our customer when needed;

To ensure there should not be any surprises to our customer;

To search and hire characterful team members and develop their skills to achieve their objectives successfully;

To develop win-win human resource polices;

To not compromise on personal, client’s and on national integrity;

Code of Ethics

1 We ensure our operations are being executed lawfully

2 We ensure no conflict of interest

3 We ensure corruption free operations

4 We ensure privacy and security of information

5 We ensure no discrimination

6 We ensure adherence of occupational health, safety and environment standards

7 We do not misuse our authorities

8 We do not compromise on personal, client and on national integrity

Board Of Directors

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Mohsin Hussain

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Ahmed Hussain

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Atif Khawaja
Director & COO

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Syed Kamran Ali Shah