SBE Code of Ethics

1 We ensure our operations are being executed lawfully

2 We ensure no conflict of interest

3 We ensure corruption free operations

4 We ensure privacy and security of information

5 We ensure no discrimination

6 We ensure adherence of occupational health, safety and environment standards

7 We do not misuse our authorities

8 We do not compromise on personal, client and on national integrity

Instruction for all SBE members

I The SBE Code of Ethics is a binding for all SBE employees and SBE Suppliers.

II All SBE employees and suppliers shall receive the copy of SBE Code of Ethics at the time of employment/services contract for review and ratification.

III In addition to this,the SBE Code of Ethics is always available on the SBE internet for ease of reference.

IV All SBE executives shall ensure strict observance of the SBE Code of Ethics among their team members and aim to be role model for their team members.No employee should suffer any disadvantage as a result of complying with the SBE Code of Ethics.

V This SBE Code of Ethics apply on every SBE employee and SBE Supplier.

  • 1

    Execute Operations lawfully

    All applicable legislation must be observed in all business, decisions and operations. Sustainable business for everyone's benefit can only be achieved with fair competition and strict conformity with the law. Corruption, cartels, embezzlement and fraud distort competition and increase costs, which may cause significant fines, reputation damage and, ultimately, could also endanger the employment at SBE.

    In view of this, we refuse to conduct unfair and/or dishonest business practices and carryout our business in a manner that is free of bribery and corruption. It should be noted that breaches of the law will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action.

  • 2

    Avoid Conflict of Interest

    Independence, integrity and transparency of our services are the foundation of our customers' trust in us.

    However, a conflict of interest can severely damage that trust. A conflict of interest can arise when the private interests of a SBE employee could or do conflict with the interests of SBE. For instance, if a SBE employee has a shareholding in a supplier, customer or competitor of SBE, or an employment of any kind with a third party this may lead to a conflict of interest.


    1. You are an expert with SBE Inspection Service. Your cousin wants to make an appointment with you for a general inspection. How do you react?

    Inspection and valuation services for friends and related parties can lead to conflicts of interest. You should therefore decline to provide the services yourself and transfer the matter to an unprejudiced colleague.

  • 3

    Do not get involve in Corruption

    Corruption distorts competition with the business world and causes damage to both individuals and society. Corruption can also result in actions being made under criminal and civil law for SBE employees as well as for SBE. This could include anything from a prison sentence to fines. Corruption is strictly prohibited in all countries and any violations of such are therefore not in the "beneficial interest of the company." This continues to apply to all employees, regardless of their nationality.

    What is Bribery?

    Offering, promising or giving any financial or other advantage (directly or through a third person) to another person, intending the advantage to induce the person to perform improperly an activity (e.g. granting of a permission or awarding a contract, etc.), or to reward the person for the improper performance of such activity. The same applies if the acceptance of the advantage would itself constitute the improper performance of the activity.

    Gifts, Hospitality:

    Small promotional gifts of little value, or invitations to a joint business meal or business event for the purpose of establishing cordial customer relations are usually acceptable. It should always be ensured, however, that gifts fit in with hospitality, politeness and local customs, and that the giving or receiving of gifts does not compromise the independence of either ourselves or our business partners. Even the appearance of such compromising should be avoided for the sake of our business image. Gifts and invitations must always be reasonable and proportionate, and seek to improve the image of SBE, better to present our services, or establish cordial relations.

  • 4

    Ensure Privacy and security of information

    The exchange of information and the use of our know-how are part of our daily commercial activity. It is important to handle information correctly and transparently in order to protect it, our company and our customers.

    Internal and external transparency, as well as correct and truthful reporting, is the standard of our entrepreneurial action and behavior.

    As a third party we are responsible to handle all customer information with care. Reports we prepare for our customer should be secure in a manner that no one have access except the authorities.

  • 5

    Ensure No Discrimination

    SBE attitude is that people of different ethnic origin, religion, world view, race, age, disability, gender or sexual identity are invaluable for our success.

    No employee or business partner may be directly or indirectly discriminated against, sexually harassed or personally disparaged on the basis of any of these attributes, and will be protected by applicable equality legislation.


    Your manager or colleague often makes indecent remarks in your presence that offend you. You hear from other employees that they also feel degraded by his offensive expressions. If you and/or other employees feel degraded by the indecent behavior of the manager, ask him to refrain. If this is not successful, inform your supervisor or a COO about this. SBE expects exemplary behavior from its managers. To correct grievances in this respect requires the cooperation of the persons affected.

  • 6

    Ensure the Adherence of OHSE Standards

    The protection of our employees is of primary importance for SBE, since our employees are essential for us as a provider of technical services.


    You have noticed that an emergency exit in your office regularly blocked by boxes. When you point this out to the manager, he tells you that there is another emergency exit which is not blocked. You are certain that the fire regulations require that all emergency exits be freely accessible but you do not want to be offensive or penalized by the manager and consider whether you should let the matter drop.

    Do not be satisfied with the dismissive attitude of the manager. Compliance with fire regulations can save lives, and non-compliance can involve penalties in serious cases.
    The manager may not be correctly informed. If a further mention of the correct management of this topic brings no success, contact the Safety Officer or the manager's superior.

  • 7

    Do not Misuse of Authorities

    SBE Inspectors/Auditors inspects/audits supplier’s products and processes on behalf of our clients. Misusing of authorities can damage the SBE image. Any complain against inspector or auditor shall be investigated and immediate action shall be taken accordingly.

  • 8

    Do not compromise on SBE, Client and on National Integrity

    SBE say no to such business in which we believe that the business is not based on work ethics and we believe that ultimately this will hurt the integrity of SBE, Client and or Nation.